Charcoal Creamy Scrub

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Tea tree oil with Activated Charcoal Creamy scrub
Face and Body
the benefits
Cleans and gently exfoliates the skin to give you a pure skin
The charcoal mask penetrates deeply skin cells to remove impurities.
It also removes dead cells in the skin to give you fresh and clear skin .
Ideal for oily skin:
Charcoal has an ability to control the excess sebum secreted by oily skin. Therefore, it is great for oily skin as it helps get rid of its excess sebum, leaving it perfectly clean.
Minimizes pores:
One of oily skin problems is the large pores that the charcoal mask with its ingredients can clean and reduce their size amazingly
Bamboo Charcoal powder , Tea tree oil , Peppermint oil , Sweet almond oil , Coconut oil , Olive oil , Vitamin E , Ethyl hexyl glycerine


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