Africana NPC established in Egypt 2014, with the help of experts in cosmetic and natural products who have been researching on that field for more than 20 years within the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

First product launched in Egypt was the Argan Oil, with time it got well positioning on the market as it fulfilled customer satisfaction as a product of Great Quality & Competitive Price.

Than Africana story of success begin providing the market with the top quality natural products and accessories.

A key to success is the use of 100% natural ingredients only without the involved of any chemicals might harm the skin & hair with long term usage and affect the beauty of the skin.

Africana is an expert with Skin & Hair care with 100% natural products which gave the women a touch of natural magic which make her beauty last for long.

We have an exclusive network in Egypt, Canada, Morocco & South Africa
All our products registered and licensed from the Ministry of Health and meet the international standards.