Original Moroccan Loofah

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Original moroccan loofah 

Used for full body exept the face

Made from tree fibers known for their therapeutic benefits. It helps to get rid of dead and dry

cells in the skin, as it works to get rid of the smallest hairs that can be easily eliminated

during hair removal.

How to use it with the Moroccan bath:

Wash your body with hot water .

Use moroccan bath soap all over the body and face.

Then leave it on for 5 minutes, then wash your body

.with hot water until you get rid of all the soap, Then Wet the Moroccan loofah

with water and rub it well on the body until the dead skin and dirt come out . and Then wash

the body with cold water well until the pores are closed and the skin is tightened. Apply to the

body after showering with any body lotion.

It is preferable to use argan oil after the Moroccan bath.

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